PBN Groups

For spiritual growth to happen we need to be “living life” with others and we call it BELONG GROUPS. 
Our desire is that every individual, couple, & family grows deeper in their commitment to Christ by studying God’s Word and building relationships with others. 

Not ready to join a group but want to continue your walk with God? Do your own study!  TOOLS HERE!

Belong Groups

Each group has its “focus” as described below
but YOU ARE WELCOME to try any group

7:00 PM Wednesday Evenings

Spear House – Pompano Beach
Adult Bible Study with video teaching and discussion

7:00 PM Wednesday Evenings

Ungerbuehler House – Plantation
Adult Bible Study with discussion based on how scripture applies to current events  

7:00 PM Thursday Evenings

Pastor Randy James – Parsonage

Worship together, share testimonies and faith encouragement, dig into God’s Word and finish off with a good time of prayer

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