Ministry Update

Pastor Dale resigned as PBN Church’s Lead Pastor Sunday, May 14th.

Dear Church Board and PBN family,

It is with sadness that I submit my resignation as the Lead Pastor of PBN Church. After much prayerful consideration, we have come to the difficult decision that it is time for us to move on to the next chapter in our life.

God has opened a door for ministry in Colorado in Woodland Park and while we are excited about going back to a place we love, it is hard to say goodbye to you.

We are so grateful for the opportunity we have had to serve this congregation. It has been an honor and privilege to lead and shepherd this church for the past 5+ years. We are thankful for the relationships and the memories that we’ll cherish forever.

The decision to resign was not an easy one, but I am confident that it is the right one for Michelle and I. We will continue to pray for the continued growth of PBN Church.

Sincerely, Pastor Dale and Michelle

Hope you will join us for our last worship service with you – June 4th!