Our Vision

August 2018, after much prayer, discussion and research by our Pastor and Leadership, we adopted a NEW VISION.
We exist to be a place where
Everyone Belongs,
Relationships are Essential &
Spiritual Growth Happens.  

We will do this by helping people-

Discover PURPOSE
Make a Difference


Pompano Beach Nazarene Church will soon enter into its seventh decade of existence. A lot of ministry has happened in the past 60 years, with still much more left to do. In the span of those decades, the congregation has changed, the neighborhood has changed, everything has changed—and as we peek into the future, we believe it’s time that we change the way we go about fulfilling our part of the mission.

The world we live in is broken and we believe, that as the church, we are part of the solution. Not the entire solution, but a piece of every part of the solution. We believe that the church should positively touch every part of life.

Everywhere that Jesus went, He drew people to Himself. Everywhere. So we’ll do the same thing: We’ll draw people to Jesus. All kinds of people, from all walks of life, and all kinds of backgrounds and socio-economic levels and educational achievements; All skin colors, religious persuasions and sexual orientations. The homeless, the holy, the political left and those leaning right, they’re all precious in God’s sight. And we’re going to go out of our way to let them know that everyone is welcome here, at our church.

Our most passionate expectation is that the ‘organization known as the church’ can be rebranded to a place of higher confidence and trust in the hearts and minds of those in South Florida.

For those not yet connected, we want to reformat the expectation of what church should be, by becoming valuable once again to our community.  Instead of being intentionally sequestered on a religious island, we will invade our neighborhoods, parks, schools and city streets with solutions and volunteers (we want to give hope).  We will no longer be dormant or inwardly focused.  The love that we have for Jesus Christ will now be focused and deployed outwardly toward others.

The culture has rejected what the church has become because it has become about the church.  We’re going to deliver a counter-offer: A God who loves them through a church who loves God.  We’ll see this happen through tangible community focus so evident, that people are surprised that ‘a church would do this’, and by exciting, life-giving worship gatherings.

Spiritual growth will be the measuring stick for everything that we do. It’s our job to help followers of Jesus to become self-feeding, self-motivating, growing students of The Way of Jesus. Starting with children and moving all the way through each life-stage, we are determined to beat back the trend of biblical illiteracy with real world tools that are useful in the 21st century.

We seek restoration, revitalization…institutional renovation. Within five years, Pompano Beach Nazarene (PBN CHURCH)  will become an asset to this community, and will be known as the place where disciples are made.