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There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel good, and there’s no shortage of advice or ideas floating around to help us feel better. The challenge is to separate what works, from what doesn’t work. We’ve been told a lot of things that just aren’t true:
*  Pull out a grey hair and two more will appear in its place—not true (thank you Jesus)

*  Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis–nope

*  Eating carrots will improve your eyesight—no, but a carrot farmer can dream

*  If your ears are ringing, then somebody is talking about you—LOL

*  The Five Second Rule—we actually wish this were true

Then there are things we’ve been told (or led to believe) about ‘faith’ that just aren’t true—they may make us feel better, but they won’t help us follow Jesus better.

Join us on Sundays in beginning September 12th as we look to find MORE THAN A FEEL GOOD FAITH.

(Sept 12) More than a feel good faith. Pt 1

“God never gives us more than we can handle?”

(Sept 19) More than a feel good faith. Pt 2

“What Happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?”

(Sept 26) More than a feel good faith. Pt 3

“Follow your heart?”

(Oct 3) More than a feel good faith. Pt 4

“Judge Not?”

(Oct 10) More than a feel good faith. Pt 5

“God made me this way?”

(Oct 17) More than a feel good faith. Pt 6

“Everything Happens for a Reason?”


Identity: The set of characteristics by which a person or thing is definitively recognizable or known.

Everyone has an identity. Who (or what) do you identify as? What are the characteristics by which you are definitively recognizable or known?

In our modern culture, it seems rather easy to change our identity, or at least we’ve been given the impression that it’s easy; just pick a different set of characteristics to be recognized or known by and you’re no longer bound by what you were once identified as.

But is it really that easy? Does it really work that way? Can we just make up our minds to identify as someone or something else?

There are a set of definitively recognizable or known characteristics of those who identify as Christian, that have not changed since the word ‘Christian’ became a thing—even under tremendous strain over two millennia to do so. What are they? And what do they mean for a 21st century follower of Jesus?



Intro to Series

(June 13) IDENTITY Part 1

We are Fisher’s of Men

(June 20) IDENTITY Part 2

We are Available to God

(June 27) IDENTITY Part 3

We are Pro-Life

(July 4) IDENTITY Part 4

We are in the Minority

(July 18)  IDENTITY Part 6

We are on a Mission for Justice, Equality and Freedom

(July 25) IDENTITY Part 7

We are created for Community

There’s a lot of people who are totally comfortable with Jesus in the car (of your life) just not behind the wheel; you don’t mind Him being around, you just prefer He stays in the backseat (of your life). There is a better option. We will be exploring the option through May.  Hope you will join us is this journey.https://youtu.be/UOomUbpeGrE

(April 11) Backseat Jesus Part 1

(April 25) Backseat Jesus Part 2

(May 2) Backseat Jesus Part 3

(May 16) Backseat Jesus Part 4

(May 23) Backseat Jesus Part 5

A Mother’s Day special service with women encouraging women. Listen in the discussion with 7 women from all seasons of being a woman and motherhood. Laugh, reflect, be encouraged, challenged, gain some wisdom and see that you are not alone in the struggles and the joys of life. We continue our BACKSEAT JESUS Series next week- May 16th. For more information visit us at PBN.ONLINE.CHURCH Find us on Facebook and Instagram @PBNChurch

(May 9, 21) Mother’s Day Special Women’s Panel Discussion

Celebrate the Easter Season with us online or onsite as Pastor Dale breaks down the Easter story over Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. All the while HE WAS THINKING OF US!

Good Friday Service 7pm- Communion

(March 28) He was thinking of us part 1

(April 4) He was thinking of us part 2

This series is an in -depth study on what we believe, why we believe it and how that determines our behavior. John calls readers back to the three basics of Christian life: true doctrine, obedient living, and faithful devotion.

(March 7) JOHN 1,2,3 | introduction

(March 14) JOHN 1,2,3 | part 1

(March 21) JOHN 1,2,3 | part 2

Pastor Dale answers your questions


How often have you misjudged someone? We all do it. We assume something about a person based on what we’ve heard, or what we’ve seen. It’s not until we really listen and get to know them that we realize just how wrong we’ve been.
There is nothing more important than a right understanding of God.  Every day we have fears, concerns, and demands that distract our lives and compete for our attention.  Before long, we begin to filter God’s character and nature through our experiences, creating a god in our image. When we let our misconceptions about God shape our view of Him, our suspicions grow and our faith weakens.

(February 7) MISUNDERSTOOD | Week 1

(February 14) MISUNDERSTOOD | Week 2

(February 21) MISUNDERSTOOD | Week 3 (message only)

(February 28) MISUNDERSTOOD | Week 4 (message only)

(January 3, 2021) What’s Next? | Week 1

(January 10, 2021) What’s Next? | Week 2

(January 17, 2021) What’s Next? | Week 3

(January 24, 2021) What’s Next? | Week 4

(January 31, 2021) What’s Next? | Week 5

Christmas traditions are what makes this time of the year so special. Things we’ve done since before we can remember, have been handed down to our kids (and maybe even their kids). It causes us to think back–and that’s good.But if all you ever do is look back, you’re going to have a sore neck. What would happen if you looked forward, too? What could happen if you stretched forward to imagine what God could do in you, around you and through you, this holiday season?https://youtu.be/xVZMpRXVdH8

(November 29, 2020) Imagine What God Can Do | Week 1

(December 6, 2020) Imagine What God Can Do | Week 2

(December 13, 2020) Imagine What God Can Do | Week 3

(December 20, 2020) Imagine What God Can Do | Week 4

It’s been a tough year; some have said it’s been the Worst Year Ever. Probably not, but it sure has been difficult, and we’re not done yet, so we’ll keep you posted. But what now? This November, we’re going to talk about fighting through the struggle, and how to pull up when life’s plowed you over.

(November 15, 2020) Worst Year Ever | Week 3

(November 8, 2020) Worst Year Ever | Week 2

(November 1, 2020) Worst Year Ever | Week 1

Because PBN Church believes in the power of prayer, we are taking 40 days to focus on it beginning on Sunday, September 13, 2020.
Most of us these days are struggling with a difficult situation or circumstance in our life and we need a breakthrough. Whether it’s praying for a breakthrough in marriages, health, finances, or relationships, persistent prayer is how God moves to transform people’s lives.

(October 25, 2020) 40 Days of Prayer | Week 7

(October 18, 2020) 40 Days of Prayer | Week 6

(October 11, 2020) 40 Days of Prayer | Week 5

(October 4, 2020) 40 Days of Prayer | Week 4

(September 27, 2020) 40 Days of Prayer | Week 3

(September 20, 2020) 40 Days of Prayer | Week 2

(September 13, 2020) 40 Days of Prayer | Week 1

Everyone loves a second chance story.  American actress, Rachel Griffiths said, “There’s nothing as exciting as a comeback–seeing someone with dreams, watching them fail, and then getting a second chance.” It’s true. There’s nothing like a second chance.https://youtu.be/0VFwOeHJVRo

(August 30, 2020) Second Chances | Naomi | Week 4

(August 23, 2020) Second Chances | Samaritan Woman | Week 3

(August 16, 2020) Second Chances | Simon Peter | Week 2

(August 9, 2020) Second Chances | Lazarus | Week 1

(July 26, 2020) What We’ve Learned…Hopefully | Week 4

(July 19, 2020) What We’ve Learned…Hopefully | Week 3

(July 12, 2020) What We’ve Learned…Hopefully | Week 2

(July 5, 2020) What We’ve Learned…Hopefully | Week 1

It’s been said that Jesus came to comfort the afflicted, and to afflict the comfortable, so we’re going to take a few weekends to look at some of the situations where Jesus turned ‘normal’ into ‘awkward’ pretty quickly, forcing people to choose between the coziness of ‘we’ve always done it this way’ and a new and mostly uncomfortable way of life.

(June 21, 2020) Father’s Day Edition | Uncomfortable Jesus | Week 3 |

(June 14, 2020) Uncomfortable Jesus | Week 2

(June 7, 2020) Uncomfortable Jesus | Week 1

(May 31, 2020) Ruined | Week 3

(May 24, 2020) Ruined | Week 2

(May 17, 2020) Ruined | Week 1

(May 3, 2020) Startup | Week 3

(April 26, 2020) Startup | Week 2

(April 19, 2020) Startup | Week 1

(March 22, 2020) Into the Wilderness | Week 2

(March 15, 2020) Into the Wilderness | Week 1